Uhaul Jobs – Finding New Moonlighter jobs at U-haul

If you need or looking for a part time job and also want to establish yourself with a company. Then Uhaul jobs are available for you.

Uhaul Jobs

If you want to get a Uhaul job then you should be hardworking and progressive. They hire progressive and hardworking staff, therefore, they have been serving families for over 60 years. If you want to serve or help the people then you should join one of the Uhaul jobs. U-Haul is giving you a career opportunity, avail it and select your ideal job. It includes contact center jobs, corporate jobs, internal jobs, IT jobs and moonlighter jobs. We shall discuss these Uhaul jobs one by one.

U-Haul Contact Center Jobs

U-Haul provides careers, challenges, growth and development opportunities to their team members. If they are good enough then they also give them rewards which they deserve. This field has two opportunities including work from home opportunities and in-office opportunities.

Work From Home Opportunities

If you are looking for a job which gives you flexible hours and you want to work from home. If you are from anywhere in North America then you may be looking for this contact center work. It is an ideal work from home opportunity for you. You can submit your resume for this job on Uhaul’s official website.

Contact Center In-Office Opportunities

U-Haul company has been working for do-it-yourself slogan since 1945. The UHaul customer contact center came into existence in 1980. They are giving quality customer care and contact center provides inbound call support. Uhaul call center team is responding to back to back calls and providing help to their customers. This assistance is available before, during and after their rental. There are positions available for sales and customer service and also for roadside assistance. As we know it is a part-time job and they are happy to consider you for temporary employment. Whether you are a teacher or student it is an ideal opportunity for you.

They are looking for a dependable team player with a positive attitude. He should have great customer service skills with excellent communication skills and clear speaking voice. He should be aware of computer skills along with basic typing skills. In order to get this job, you should have basic knowledge of Geography too. Uhaul is offering flexible schedules, benefits for part-time employees and advancement opportunities.

UHaul Jobs Requirements

Uhaul Jobs – Finding new moonlighter jobs at U-haulThey give preference to experience in window-based computer programs with 6 months of customer service experience. There is no selling involved but you should have excellent communication skills. You should be available for 25 hours a week and it does not mean that you will work for 25 hours a week. The job applicant must be at least 16 years old and currently in a school or high school diploma holder. The status of the work is moonlighter.


U-Haul Corporate Headquarters Opportunities

Account Representative- Payment Processing

Job Code 1555

Job Description

Uhaul is looking for a team player who has a high level of enthusiasm and can achieve every goal. The account representative is responsible for building good relationships with corporate and business customers of U-Haul. His responsibilities are to process the orders that come from field locations and also update the telesoft database. He will also work with telephone companies and will maintain customer service. This job needs strong telephone skills with great attention. If he has an experience in office then it will be a plus point.

As-Built Building Plan Coordinator

Job Code 1657

Job Description

An experienced candidate who can organize and maintain construction as-builts for commercial buildings is ideal for this position. He will have the ability to work independently as well as collaboratively in a fast-paced environment. The candidate will meet deadlines and will be capable of coordinating multiple projects at the same time. You will give an up to date documentation of the interior layout of different tenant spaces which may have changed.

Building Maintenance Technician

Job Code 0869

Job Description

U-Haul is looking for motivated, talented and friendly individuals who can join their team. They want professionalism and great customer service. They do not want you to be a jack of all trades but you must know about some and be excellent at a few. A successful candidate will be hardworking, able to manage independently, excellent problem-solving abilities and desire for learning.

Business Publications Coordinator

Job Code 2369

Job Description

Business publications coordinator will be responsible for not only creating but also for updating training materials. It is an ideal opportunity for those who are looking for initial experience related to business training materials.

Civil/Structural Engineer

Job Code 1657

Job Description

Amerco real estate company is looking for a structural engineer for its construction department. The candidate will provide designs services with coordinate building permit plan sets for architectural and structural submittals. As a structural engineer, you have to design and build structures which are safe. Additionally, you have to improve the structural integrity of existing buildings. It includes preparing reports, drawings and designs. Make calculations about loads and stresses with the selection of appropriate construction materials. The structural engineer will also give his technical advice and he will also monitor and inspect the work done by contractors.

Commercial Construction Project Manager

Job Code 1657

Job Description

If you are looking for a fast-paced job which will reward you for your superior organizational and customer service skills. If you are able to manage the projects and have exceptional motivational skills then U-Haul jobs are available for you. Amerco real estate agency is also looking for a commercial construction project manager who is experienced in new construction. You will have to work with customers, management and team members in order to show your multitasking abilities in every environment. The project manager has many duties to perform including preparing budgets, cost estimates and creating schedules. He has to respond to the issues as well as delays in cooperation of engineers and architects.

Digital Media Intern – Video Production

Job Code 0264

Job Description

If you will work with their video production team then you will have to control certain things. It includes the handling of all video projects, assisting with studio and field production and streaming of live events.

Enterprise Monitoring Administrator

Job Code 1628

Job Description

They also want to hire a systems administrator who has enterprise monitoring experience. This position lies in IT operations department. It requires knowledge of IT logical, technical and monitoring architecture principles. It also includes interpersonal and communication skills.

Graphic Designer/ Freehand Illustrator

It is also one of the Uhaul jobs in which you should have an eye for photography. He should be able to work efficiently on multi projects and he will also assist in the designs and productions. It includes brochures, print ads, product packaging and corporate newsletters. He should have free drawing and design skills with the ability to control the projects from concept to completion.


Reference: uhaul.com